Strengths Based Selling

The Marketing Manager role involves overseeing all marketing, advertising, and promotional staffs and activities. Should have the ability to build trust, communicate effectively, drive execution, foster the culture of innovation, focus on timely delivery of products to customers, collaborative in nature, creatively solving problems and demonstrate high integrity.
It necessary for the on-boarded Marketing Manager to undergo certain company-specific on boarding activities and training in order to know more about the company. There would be a 4 week on boarding program for the Marketing Manager where the candidate would be undergoing training from the supervisor, peers and if possible from the subordinates in the job function. First one week of the on boarding training would include the company culture and nature of the business of the company.
The second week would comprise of the getting to know about the team and the team members with whom the Marketing Manager would work. The third week will be focused on learning the business strategies and the methods by which the company generally operates the business along with the current customers and clientele.
Finally, the fourth week would be on the job training where the Marketing Manager is expected to as per the learning of the past three weeks. This is a compulsory training that the new Marketing manager needs to undergo in order to start the work in the company. The Annual compensation package for the position is $85,528 at $5578 as the annual performance bonus.
The Marketing Manager position is entitled to receive many other benefits, which include Social Security, 401K/403B value benefits, disability benefits, healthcare benefits, pension and paid time off. In total the annual compensation package for the Marketing Manager will be approximately $125,000.
The main base of reaching a compensation and benefits package mentioned above is the market research. The position is expecting to have candidates with 4 to 6 years of experience in the sales and marketing domain.