Stress in Pushing Tin Film

Further, stress can also make reference to a part of life which is ubiquitous in which researchers have intimated that there are different types of stress. Essentially, acute stress is one type of stress, which denotes the one in which an individual is excited, hence becoming an exciting stress where this type of stress keeps a person alert and also active. Chronic stress is the other type of stress whereby it affects the body by causing health problems in which this reaction may result from the body experiencing tension or when it senses danger. Based on this, the process in which the body reacts to these stimuli is known as fight or flight where the hormones react to the surge all through the body. Drawing from this, the Pushing Tin film outlines stress at the workplace clearly as portrayed by the characters in the same (Dewe et. al 1). For one, Nick Falzone together with his colleagues, where their job is to ensure that there is no traffic in the air, become proud and start to brag about the way they are capable of coping with extreme stress found in their job. These workmates go to the extent of comparing themselves with half of the new employees who have quit the job because they lacked the ability to manage the work-related stress. However, it does not take long before Nick and his fellow colleagues are joined by a confident man known as Russell Bell, who challenges them with his ability for coping with the work-related stress despite him applying difficult and dangerous techniques. Therefore, Nick becomes very stressed and even stubs Russell at the back by making false claims to their director, that include Russells being a reckless cannon, by saying that he had seen him daring an aircraft to be propelled violently making Nick even more stressful. Work stress is also experienced bythe members of the Tracon when they are threatened that there would is a bomb scheduled to destroy them together with the facility hence leading to physiological stress.