Structure Framework Structure and Strategy

Then an evaluation is conducted after a given period of time to analyze the task needed to achieve the goal. If the chosen project fails, the different teams meet to discuss on the cause of the failure and the necessary measures to be undertaken.
Coca-Cola Company uses the different type of advertisement to strengthen its marketing strategies. Research indicates that half of the world’s population prefers Coca-Cola over the other soft drinks.
The author believes that marketing and industries are dynamics and can, therefore, change over time. He also believes that the marketing has a lifecycle that attract the people in different size and different strength and number. He believes that for a company to increase its profitability, it should also increase its adverts to the people. The company should also show the effect of the product to the people using the product. The advert can be done via internet and post advertisement strategies. This can also be done through newspaper and TV advertisements. The adverts may cost the company more money but result to increased sales of the products. Coca-Cola Company should increase its knowledge on communication with both local and international clients thus strengthening the relationship between the customers and the company. The company should also adopt new strategies in marketing especially in the low seasons when the purchase of the product is low. This can be achieved by lowering its rates or introduce a special discounts or promos in order to increase the market share during the low season thus maintain its profit margin.
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