Struggles Over Access To Alcohol



The struggle for gender equality and the participation of women in pub labor has continued up to date. Several pubs in Australia have both male and female patrons. Several Australian women start drinking as young adults, which has exposed them to various forms of youth violence. The presence of women in pubs is a common occurrence, which has led to increased risks associated with binge drinking and intoxication. However, the physical separation of male and female bar areas does not exist and young women drink in the company of men. Women patronizing pubs are victims of binge drinking of different types of alcohol such as spirits and beer. Adult Australian women still attend dance clubs and participate in occasional drinking. Majority of these women consume-full strength beer, which was part of the traditional drinking pattern of the Australian culture. In conclusion, Australia faced gender inequality in the provision of labor during the nineteenth century. Men and women had traditionally predefined roles in the society. The changing economy and the world war led to a shift in the labor market in the country. Women began participating in labor activities dominated by men. This involved participating in the public space such as pub attendants. Several women became barmaids, a position previously reserved for men. The changing social responsibilities and trends demanded financial freedom among women. This trend has continued to the present time where pubs are patronized by women.