Sttratagic Managment Ryanairs Business Model

It has to be said that the European aviation sector is significantly trying to increase the competitiveness of the aviation region of Europe through the initiative of Single European Sky (SES). The SES initiative comprises increasing the capacity of the airspace, improving the safety initiative as well as reducing the carbon emission levels for airlines. The initiative also tries to reduce the costs of air traffic management in the region.

It has to be said that the International Air Transport Association is trying to break through the barrier developed by Europe in regard to the regions’ efforts to include international aviation in the European Union Emission Trading scheme. It has to be mentioned that this scheme has the potential to distort the aviation sector in a large portion of the world. Talking on this note, it has to be mentioned that some of the European airlines might face retaliatory action because of their compliance with the barrier (, 2012).
Ryanair is one of the world’s most popular and low-cost airlines which operate over 1500 flights on a daily basis. It has to be said that the low-cost airline connects around 1500 low fare routes while providing a linkage of airline traffic in around 28 countries. As of the recent times, the airline boasts of a strong fleet of around 290 pristine Boeing Aircraft and staff strength counting to an excess of 8500 (, n.d).

It is highly important to mention that the process of engaging in airline services to various destinations all over the world, while focusing on providing a significant amount of cost-based benefits to the masses is a very difficult and challenging task. The central theme of the airline is to provide airline services at the lowest cost. The low-cost airlines of Europe, ever since its inception in the year 1985, has always focused on generating steady value for the consumers, and has in no way compromised on its intended value-based promise.