Student responses only

Response to Mark Wilson From Wilson’s post, I learned about strategic partnerships and relief supply chain management, and difference between humanitarian logistics and business logistics. However, what Wilson meant by interrupted and uninterrupted context was not clear. Further questions for discussion include. How can funds be collected from the donors in times of urgency? How can technology be optimally utilized in relief supply chain management? The similarity between Wilson’s and my post is that both shed light on humanitarian logistics and their underlying challenges whereas the difference is that Wilson explained the differences between relief supply chain management and strategic partnerships in more detail.
Response to Jennifer Clark
Clark’s post clarified the concept and function of strategic partners. It also clarified the importance of teamwork in strategic partnership to achieve optimal results in the events of disaster occurrence. Further questions for discussion are. are strategic partners the sole driving actors of relief supply chain management? What channels of communication are established in modern relief supply chain management practice during disaster? One confusion about the process that still needs to be clarified is. how strategic partners time-phase the planning and execution given disasters are so uncertain and can happen anytime. Similarity between our posts is explanation of strategic partnership.