he teacher needs to keep active for as long as possible in order to prolong her life, and this is only easy when the teacher is allowed to engage teaching which has been her job for long. It means that the teacher really has no option than to just continue teaching even though it has been realized that her output in class with her students is declining by the day. This is also a serious matter given that the students also should not get low marks or underperform at the expense of retaining an under-performing teacher. However, as a good principal, there is the need to balance the needs such that both the students and the teacher will not have to lose. The teacher can be allowed to teach for a few hours the students be given a replacement to help them pay for the lost time. If the teacher is left to continue teaching, at least this will help her family to be able to find some ease in dealing with her health issue.
As a Principal, it would be wise to find more information about such a case from the doctors who specialize in such health issues before making any decision. This will help the principal to find out more about the disease in order to make an informed decision that will be of ethical value to the teacher and not go against the interest of the students. In case the principal does not want to consult the doctor or a victim of the situation, they can still get the information related to such issues from the internet, newspapers and magazines. Through this way, the principal can know how the victims of such cases are supposed to be treated and taken care of.
Instead of allowing the teacher to teach full time, there are alternatives that can be applied. She can teach for fewer hours, leaving the rest of the time for the other teacher to help the students. Alternatively, the teacher can be allowed to work in other departments such as disciplinary or counseling. This will be done after being in touch with the employers or the supervisors who will assess and