Studying OnlineHistorically, every day had a natural ebb and flow to it. People got up when the sun came up and worked early before it got too hot. Then they would eat and share family time as the sun waned and when it went down, they went to bed. Then the light bulb got invented, and it’s been downhill for nature ever since. After the light bulb was the car which took you places faster, the convenience store which stayed open all night, TV and movie marathons, and then the computer and the internet – a 24/7 system of light. So unlike generations of my farmer ancestors, I get up around 10:00 AM, sometimes sleep in the afternoon, and then run around most of the day and go to sleep around 2 or 3 in the morning. For people like me who are earning a college degree, there are definite advantages to studying online.

Taking a class online is perfect for anyone with a job in daytime hours because of the increased flexibility it offers. If you work in the day, you can come home and read your assignments at night, making sure to send your homework in by the deadline. This main advantage to online college education has allowed many working people who would not have a change to pursue a degree the freedom to do so.

As internet technology has progressed the availability of dedicated web space and chat rooms has allowed students to work in groups, even if they live far away or have differing schedules. Email and chat functions make it possible to share ideas, collaborate on projects and even study together from places all over the country. Now people from all over the world can be in your class getting the same college degree. Online study can lead to better diversity and interaction between students.

I might have lost touch with the natural way to do things. But as someone who likes to get online at night and go to the gym in the afternoon, all I can say is, “Thank God for that light bulb!”