Subject Position and Discourse Analysis

The Person Peter Smith is in seven situations all at the same time.
Subject positioning is the constant shifting from one position to another because a person has many subject positions in one discourse. A person, in a small group gathering, could be the mother to a daughter, an Asian woman to a white man, a fat person to a slim one, a Florida resident to a Virginian and the like. Discourses are then constructed to fit the given situation or position a person is in. The defining in positive of one position will generate the "other" position automatically. The woman position means there is a man position. Fraser said that Hegemony is the "discursive face of power".(Bingham,1994)
In a hospital situation, when a patient is being interviewed by the doctor, the doctor tries to get as much information regarding the medical history of the patient. The patient, not knowing a medical jargon, will try to explain, in a subject position of patient/doctor, her complete medical history. People will look at a pregnant woman and they will understand her body language and give her advices (Davies and Harre, 1990).
The viewer crosses the threshold of the concrete work of art. …
In a storytelling situation, When a person speaks of his or her personal pains in a love relationship, the listener sympathizes with the speaker because they both feel the same situation. Van Langehove and Harre describes this as the giving of ACCOUNTS
(accountive) of other people’s behavior.
PERFORMATIVE. This occurs when the student PERFORMS. This is evident in the social and communicative skills that a person makes in front of a real live audience. Prosody is an integral part of the reading process. Teachers aid the students, in the growing years, to gain the competency need for communication using verbal PERFORMANCE to be beneficial to both the reader and the listener.
According to Miller, Steiner &amp. Larson in 1996, the integrated language arts &amp. reading program as well as the reading and writing lessons are authentic activities that can be incorporated into content areas such as science. (Bucher,2003)
Performance positioning can also be greatly enhanced with the use of Prosody. This is language put to music. Prosody uses patterns of pitch, rhythm, and loudness that a person uses creates native sounding and emphatic speech. (Wennerstrom,2001)
When a person does an activity together with the other person this is called performance positioning.
Discourse analysis only discusses the details or micro of what message a person communicates. Whereas, subject positioning is more macro. It takes into consideration the economy, business and the entire environment when the communication was sent from the speaker to the listener.
Subject positioning is better than discourse analysis because discourse analysis explains the effect of what has