Subjective Well Being



This subjective well-being is often found associated with a number of things. most of which are often found linked with happiness, satisfaction i.e., satisfaction with one self and satisfaction with life and also a personality trait which is often characterized by negative emotions and is referred to as Neuroticism. Individuals have to go through a number of challenges that often raise questions regarding the thinking of the human nature and the research that are relevant to the development of countries, communities and an individual alone. For example, the rise in the rate of crime may instill fear among the individuals that reside in cities, states or countries. If there is any sort of threat to the environment such as the change in climate, a decrease in the reserves of natural resources, financial crisis and economic crisis that may affect a certain household or the entire country. This may, in turn, affect the subjective well-being of an individual and directly affect his lifestyle. The purpose of this paper is to assess the importance of the subjective well-being of an individual and the various factors that are linked to this subjective well-being.Since happiness has always been a focus of attention for many researchers, it wasn’t a surprise when in the 1950’s the psychologist who mainly conducted researches on the negatives emotion of human being such as depression and anxiety had then focused on the positive emotions of an individual and the feelings that instilled the sense of well being in a person.