Summary Analysis on article titled Out of Jail into temptation a day in a life by Alan Fewer

21 February, Out of Jail, Into Temptation: A Day in a Life Summary: The story Out of Jail, Into Temptation: A Day in a Life narrates the emotional and physical experiences of a 20 years old boy named Nando after he was released from Rikers Island. Nando was imprisoned for 8 months for being involved in the business of drug dealing. His social life had not changed much over the period, and he had the same old friends with same habits and daily activities. As he was released, he found in front of him, a number of choices to go with. His old employer also approached him and offered him to rejoin him in the business of drug dealing. He also came across his old customers that waved him. At first, when Nando got off the bus after his release, he had high ambitions. However, he had no job, no money and nothing to eat. In such circumstances, job offer from his old employer meant a lot to him, but he was too determined to loose his ambition. He declined the offer, saying, No, I’m straight, (Fewer 4), however, he added, but I’ll let you know (Fewer 4). This tells that he had had a tough time rejecting his employer’s offer since he had no food and no security to rely upon. In his period in jail, he learnt how to write. The jail administrator had made him do assignments, one of which required Nando to write a letter to himself imagining he was 70 years old. The 70 years old Nando narrated his life experiences to the 20 years old Nando, telling him how he became successful as a person and as a husband, father and then grandfather after leaving the drug use and drug dealing. Nando found this letter in his post because he had formerly posted it to his home from the jail. It became a source of inspiration for Nando, and he was all set to find work the following day. Analysis: Alan Fewer has pointed towards a very unique subject in this short story. The writer has frequently made use of expressions, and has elaborated individual points in context of full scenes. The way he describes the furniture’s condition, and conveys moods of the characters builds up reader’s interest in the story. It is a beautiful piece of art in that every hour of the day after Nando’s release from prison has been painted with adjectives. Language used in the story is simple. The story is full of expression, and the idea is thought provoking. Response: Fewer has rightly pointed out that in order to wipe the crime off society, government should not only deliver education in prison, but also arrange jobs for those who are released. The eight months that Nando had spent in jail had inculcated several good things in him. He learnt how to write in the jail, but lack of job upon release could have reverted a person with low determination to the world of crime. Lack of employment is the biggest driving force for criminals, and tends to shatter their ambitions. Works cited: Fewer, Alan. Out of Jail, Into Temptation: A Day in a Life. The New York Times. 28 Feb. 2002. Web. 21 Feb. 2011.