Summary comparison and response on Gilgamesh

.. Enkidu is invested with the force of a powerful beast like human elements .No sooner does he meet Gilgamesh than he becomes friends with him. He becomes a devoted comrade who accompanies him where ever he goes to expeditions and other missions.
Gilgamesh desires to have sex with any woman of his choice, be it a prostitute or a bride or even some one’s wife. His strength is his assent and he can go to any extent to reveal the impeccable power of his internal and external make up. Enkidu is against his sexual exploits .He combats with him in order to dissuade him in his inclinations towards such unlawful pursuits. Thus they fight and it ends with his victory over Enkidu. There by, it convinces Enkidu of Gilgamesh’s superiority and strength.
As the story unfolds in its full swing of events and episodes, Gilgamesh and Enkidu go to Cendar Forest .In the heroic fight that follows after this, Gilgamesh kills the guardian beast humbaba. the beast of the forest with the help of gods and his fame gets wide spread. Humbaba screams out a curse on Enkidu: "Of you two, may Enkidu not live the longer, may Enkidu not find any peace in this world!" —these words imply the death of Enkidu which the readers guess at this stage
He wants to exceed his own existence. he wants a stature of immortal life, eternal and perpetual. He longs to live forever and restore his youth at the same time. After the death of his friend his desire to perpetuate his existence becomes evident. He is fearful of death and wants to eliminate it. His friend is cursed because he helps him kill the beast and bull of heaven. The bull of heaven is introduced in the story for a fight in which Gilgamesh defeats it and kills it. Before dying the bull puts a curse of death on Enkidu. The plot’s flow of continuity is disrupted by the technique of heroic epic combats–First with Enkidu, then with the beast and finally with bull of heaven. All these characters come to life with animation of violence and combat in the text. Main purpose of introducing characters in this fashion manifests common trends of ancient art. Meeting of utnapishtim is essential to the plot’s conclusive symmetry. Without him the narrative would not have reached its full culmination. Utnapistim’s character gives order and continuity to the plot. The information he gives about the story of the flood