Summary of The Syrian Bride

Summary of The Syrian Bride’’ The film Syrian Bride, directed by Eran Riklis takes place in a remote corner which is between Israel and Syria. This film is about the story of Mona, a young woman living in the Golan Heights. The story happens amidst hostility between Syrian and Israel. Mona is supposed to cross over to Syria but it will take her 6months to obtain a permit from the Israeli administration, moreover, if she crosses over she will not be able to return to see her family again. Mona’s father is just out of jail through a bail and supports her relocation. She has a brother, Marwan, a womanizer doing business in Italy. This film is plotted at an Arab- Israeli conflict with a family whose life is divided by the harsh political situation. The film’s budget was $18.3M. However the critical reception of the film was a bit of favoritism of one of the sides, that is Syria. The films was nominated for Awards of the Israeli Film Academy alongside other 7 awards and 15 nominations ( The Electronic Intifada (1) explains: The film is a well thought story that brings out the plight of families in war region of Syrian border with Israeli. It gives the dilemmas that people are confronted with in situations of war. Mona is challenged between the option to join the unknown man who is to marry her in Syria and never see her family again, or stay with her family. The husband Tallel is a Television comedian in Syria but the situation of the Golan Heights makes it difficult for her to leave. She needs to get married and hence must meet Tallel but this has the challenge of her losing the unidentified nationality status which implies she will never reunite with her family at this place. Further the fact that they have never met one another makes us realize the dire situation that those in Golan Heights are in. the insane bureaucracy that they experience during her movement out of Israel to go out to Syria presents to as the challenges and problems that Golan Heights dwellers were exposed to. This makes it even harder for their family to gather for Mona’s wedding putting her marriage in crisis. The political position of Syria and Israel makes the lives of Golan Heights occupants unbearable. The passport standoff at the border paints the situation that is unimaginable with the intended Family of Mona waiting on the other end as her family too is stranded with her. With the film narrating the ordeal that the political stalemate presents to the people of these two countries, it serves to create a gradual relaxation of tension. It opens up the issue to the world and the leadership of the two countries. Even though the movie is not overtly political, it gives the political situation of the two enemy countries and its implications on the lives of the citizens. Even though the bride and the groom have never met one another, the wait and effort they put elucidate the hope they have. If they don’t meet anyway, probably their hearts might not be broken much since they had not known one another.Works The Syrian Bride (2004) Awards. 27 April 2015 .The Electronic Intifada. Film Review: The Syrian Bride. 2 Feb 2005. 27 April 2015 .Works Cited