Summary of Two Stories Irwin Shaws and Pam Houstons

In the story, Irwin Shaw’s The Girls in Their Summer Dresses-however, Frances comes to the conclusion that this translates into Michael wanting to leave her, either now, or later on. In the end, forcing him to say that he is not sure whether he will always stay with her always and not willing to discuss it further, Frances gets up to call their friends to go out with them to the country.Pam Houston’s How to Talk to a Hunter – Written in a way that makes one feel a part of the narrative, Houston relates how the woman feels insecure in the relationship while trying to find deeper meanings in the words of her lover, the hunter. He is a man who lives alone and who has many excuses not to commit or be monogamous, as Houston puts it. The woman confers with her best friends, male and female, both of them giving her conflicting advice as to how to go about her relationship. Interestingly enough, she ignores their advice and tries to get the man to commit to her. Till the end, it is not clear whether she is successful in her attempts or not, however, this much is clear that she is in love with a man who is involved with other women simultaneously and who, perhaps, does love her in his own way.