Supply chain management in web technology

In this research work, the theoretical aspects of the Supply Chain and how technology, specifically, the internet has helped in augmenting this system and in what way has the companies gained out of it. In order to execute this, measures are defined for targets by establishing key performance indexes which would be measured at the beginning of a technological implementation and measured again at the end of the technological implementation. This helped in establishing the gain out of technology.
Technology helps in augmenting efficiency of supply chain management, particularly on the Global scale. However, SCM is not all technology but also an art. Careful work execution is as much important as technology for a successful SCM.
1. Study of the existing systems and the theory behind Supply Chain Management. This would involve going through the available literature in order to identify the various factors that make up the Supply Chain. Impact of every one of the factors is ascertained and the technology solution for every one of the factors is also identified, if available. Once these are identified, then the work in the case progresses with more clarity added to the nature of factors that influence the technology changes. Available literature is exhaustively collected for this purpose and the same is documented and referenced.
2. 2. Once the literature review is done, appropriate analysis is done to ascertain the impact of technology on supply chain. This would help in understanding the success of the technological innovations in this field. In addition to that, the effectiveness of such technological innovations and the extent to which they are trustable is also identified from the analysis. The analysis of the literature will also throw up other issues that have come up because of technological application on the supply chain. The advantages will also be discussed in short and the disadvantages along with issues that need to be countered or remain unsolved are also listed down.
3. An industry visit is done to identify the type of usage that exists in the industry in terms of supply chain. The practical issues that come up during the course of normal work and the methodology adopted by the industry’s managers to counter these issues are also identified and taken in for consideration. One or two managers of the company are requested for an interview and then a set of qualitative questions are posed to them on the success of Supply chain management tools. The extent of success is then ascertained and points are allocated on a Likert Scale from 1 to 8. Based on this, another set of analysis is done and its closeness to the theoretical study is identified, if available. Secondly, during the course of the work, other targets listed are also met.
4. A final conclusion is drawn based on the literary review, the short survey that was taken from the company and its managers. Finally, the objective of the work, whether the technological application favours the supply chain and whether it has optimised work is done and identified.
Literature Review
The methodology adopted for this literature review will be as follows:
1. Different products in the industry for Supply chain mana