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SERVICE MARKETING By Location Service Marketing Conclusion Evidently, I agree with the ment “The who complains is the firm’s friend”. Many businesses are in a constant need of customer feedback so that they may understand how the target market perceives their services or products. Customers who have experienced dissatisfaction with either the products or services of a certain company pose customer complaints. The fact that these customers share their opinion or discontent presents an opportunity for the company to improve their service or products in an effort to meet the specific need and the expectations of the customers. Customer complaints may help the management team to identify internal weaknesses in service provision, and help the company improve. In the end, a complaint benefits the firm positively. Moreover, if the complaint from the customer is handled professionally, the customer may recommend others to the firm’s product or services.
The experience of Qantas Airlines helped me to understand the correct procedure for handling complaints from customers in a professional way. I gained familiarity with the critical aspects that should be highlighted when responding to a customer’s complaint. More specifically, I learned how to exhibit timeliness, facilitation, redress, apology, credibility, and attentiveness when handling complaints from customers. In addition, I realized that a customer’s response should be personalized and well framed so that it exhibits the firm’s recognition of its mistakes, but does not reflect negatively on the reputation of the company. The knowledge I gained is of critical importance in the business world. In the future, I will be in a position to handle customer complaints professionally (Barlow &amp. Møller 2006, p. 19).
Barlow, J., &amp. Møller, C 2006, A complaint is a gift: Using customer feedback as a strategic tool, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers.