Susan Glaspells Trifles

The essay "A Critical Essay on the play ‘Trifles’ by Susan Glaspell" talks about the play as one of the most controversial and explicit paradigms for the expression of the post-depression era where a relentless battle between individual and society attained its peak.
This one-act play by Glaspell was conceived while she was covering a real-life murder mystery in the small town of Iowa as a reporter.&nbsp.
The play is a masterpiece of early feminist drama and the theory is manifested through the action of the female characters regarding their solving of the murder mystery with that of the approach of the male characters towards the evidence and the suspect of the same murder mystery.
The two main woman characters of the play, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, have the ability to empathize with the convict of the play, Minnie Wright. They are aware of the age-old oppression inflicted on the women as an individual from the patriarchal society dominated by man. Their emotional quotient leads to the real murderer Minnie, whom they trace through her motif.
On the other hand, the male characters of the play are shown to be very cold, insensible and emotionless who only run after and ponder behind the material facts neglecting the immaterial realm of the murder mystery which has a wide vista to the real convict of the murder. They neglect the kitchen area and start searching for the evidence in the areas like the barn and the bedroom of the house. These areas symbolize those portions of life where men have their ultimate dominance. A kitchen is a place where women are in charge and, therefore, it does not fall at their disposition.