System Analysis of My Personal Budget

The scope of the project is to give a plan which illustrates to draw an amount of $800 from the monthly earning or we can say from disposable income by managing the routine expenses within the same income.
The expected length of the saving plan would be 5 months i.e. starting from 1st of March 2014 to 1st of July 2014. I hope that during the period of 5 months I will be able to accumulate the amount of $800 in order to purchase the iPad.
In order to be successful in my saving plan, there must be a saving of $160-180 per month. In case of any decrease in the saving amount per month, I may not be able to purchase the desired model of iPad in the expected time period. One more important thing, I may reduce my frequent visits to nearby fast-food restaurants along with my friends. This will definitely cut down my extra expenses.
The basic purpose or the objective of this study or report is to devise an information system which helps to manage the time spent in different activities of daily routine life. Time management is very much necessary in life because now the philosophers consider time value as an asset which should be properly utilized so that an individual can take full advantage of it.
The scope of the essay is to devise a time management plan for the best use of time. This will look at the past behavior of how time has been used how the time was saved during the college period. This time management will help to maintain the resources in later years.
We have to give proper time to our college activities because these cannot be compromised at all or we can say at any cost. Though the college schedule is set keeping in mind the personal activities also but the time plan should give ample time to the study duration.
If I look back to my past activities then I might come to know that at certain times I failed to properly allocate time. This failure caused certain problems for me.&nbsp.