“Systems Analysis &amp

Design Assignment"Moreover, this report will also outline business needs, new technology specifications, potential transformations, feasibility study, system requirements and design (UML).
This project engages the development of e-commerce system for Greener E-Bikes and is named as Greener Web. This project will demonstrate the Greener’s new web based business platform that will offer ecommerce capabilities to the business.
The present business of the Greener E-Bikes is running through shops and supermarkets. Greener E-Bikes has been working through the traditional business practice that only offers restricted business practice to a specific business market. However, the new business idea is to enhance the business practice by implementing the web based practice. In this scenario the business has decided to implement a completely new business model that would be able to potentially enhance the traditional business practice. In this way the new business will offer facility to have an online transaction that can be done through web based money transfer. In this way business is expecting to increase the business sales growth approximately to 30%.
Currently, the business has a simple web based information system. Additionally, the present information system offers simply business information regarding the business that is enough to manage the overall business. In this scenario the web based platform will be upgraded to the ecommerce system. The main business needs and requirement are given below:
By implementing web based business platform the business of Greener E-Bikes will be able to gain a lot of tangible advantages. The main advantage that business will attain is about establishing the better data communication and enhanced business data sharing. In this way the business will be able to effectively manage the operations. In addition, this swill offer them better and secure operating environment for business sales. This platform will also offer rapid user response and