Tablet and Phone Manufacturer

A teacher can diversify their income sources by becoming an online essay writer. The speculated business venture would wholly specialize in tablets and smartphones due to their relatively lower price as compared to laptops and notebooks. despite the fact that they perform an almost similar function. The speculated location of the firm limits it to these relatively cheaper gadgets that are affordable to the target group. The starting capital of this firm would be around $200,000. The operation of the firm is meant to be local, within the countries boundary. However, this area of coverage would be expanded with an increase in revenue. The repayment of the loan would be through submission of about $ 2,000 monthly during the early stages of commencing the operation. This payment would increase exactly six months after the commencement of the operation.
The speculated project is meant to deal with electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets. The production cost of this business venture is relatively high due to the high cost of materials used in the manufacture and in addition the expertise required would be costly. Precisely the business would be more of an assembling company than the primary manufacturing industry. The business is likely to spend as follows:
Moreover, if the firm manages to sale about 10 phones within a month then that means that the company would accumulate a total of $ 200 dollars as its profit. Out of the $ 200, $ 25 are used to repay the loan monthly and about $ 75 is channeled into the payment of rent and electricity among others. On the other hand, breaking even is a point whereby the business balances between making a profit or a loss.