Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare Katharinas Monologue

A Husband is the Lord, Life, and Keeper for his wife. He provides for her maintenance and cares for her. He deals with extraordinary hardships for providing her all the necessities of comfortable living. while she enjoys the warmth of her cosy homes, her husband faces the coldness and torments of the world and the adversity attached with quality life provision for his wife. And in return, he asks for nothing but love, beauty and obedience by his wife, which is trivial as compared to the sacrifices he makes for her. A woman who does not fulfil these meagre demands of her husband wrongs him and is not worthy of her husband’s sacrifices. A woman in the capacity of a wife should only perform in accordance with her purpose – she is not made to deal with the hardships that man faces, instead, she is made soft and fragile to serve her husband. She should not opt for wars with her Lord. instead, she should be flexible enough to kneel for peace. I had been just as arrogant as you all, returning taunts with taunts and anger with anger. But I then realized that reality was otherwise. I am not as strong as I thought, and my strengths are in fact my weaknesses. It is only fitting that a woman puts her hand beneath her husband’s feet as it is her true worth in front of her husband. And if my husband so pleases, I am ready to do the same. (William Shakespeare)
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