Task Management Need for the Deployment of IT Based Solutions

It may be rightly feared by the management of this Company that a large part of clients, presently engaging Aquarius Marketing, may seek recourse to other competitive marketing consultancy firms in order to achieve both cost and quality benefits. Thus, in order to preserve their market share and remain viably competitive in the business, it has become imperative for Aquarius Marketing to install marketing related IT software specially designed to meet their specific marketing requirements.It is widely believed that the installation and execution of such sophisticated IT-based information systems would increase all round efficiencies in its services, make it competitively positioned, vis-a-vis its competitors, and more significantly, make inroads in terms of lowered service costs and enhanced customer servicing. Besides, it would also help in widening the horizons of their marketing perspectives at global levels, taking strong advantage of international marketing consultancy opportunities that may be awaiting, untapped, as a result of being integrated into the IT Information system highway. This company could thus become a part of the ever-increasing breed of marketing knowledge domain service providers through Knowledge Processing Organisations. (KPO) within the realms of e-commerce technology, and the accruing benefits could be passed on to their customers, in terms of prompt services backed by lowered costs and increased operational efficiencies in major areas of performance.1. Creating and maintaining brand awareness of the Customers’ products and services through sales promotional, advertising and other brand-building exercises in the areas of its operations. Therefore, information systems should need to address aspects related to creating and maintaining brand awareness.2. Creating opportunities for increased use of the customers’ products and services through building brand loyalty. What are the current brand loyalties of customers and how it could be reinforced. also what impinges brand loyalties should also be a matter of concern for the IT information systems.