Tata Motors

This report seeks to analyze the new product development process of Tata Motors. The challenges faced by the management team during the innovation stages are explored thus the systems and processes applied by Tata Motors in ensuring that they respond appropriately to the pressure for change, and capturing an unmovable position in the increasingly competitive marketplace. The steps taken to ensure that a sustainable competitive advantage is maintained are assessed.
In conclusion, a lot can be learnt from Tata Motor and can be summarized as follows.
1. The Carlsberg – Tetley techniques have been applied to ensure that a culture of consistent quality, innovation and continuous improvement and thus, emerge as the customer’ premiere choice.
2. An effective culture is characterized by a breakthrough process, creative flips, positivity, unity of purpose and vision and staff training.
3. It is important to participate in Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental conservation efforts.
4. There is a need for market research and ensure improvement to remain relevant to the consumer.
5. Change must be seen as a continuous and gradual process that is usually met with daunting challenges.
6. A strategic venture into acquisitions and joint ventures are instrumental in entering in entering and expanding into different market segments.
7. Resources must be allocated towards continued research, technological, strategic acquisitions, and marketing.
8. The company’s structure should have fewer divisions but a larger number of business units.