Tchaikovskys Best Creations

One composition piece that stands out is sleeping beauty. This ballet is a fairy tale story. The music accompanied within this ballet is believed to be one of Tchaikovsky’s best creations as it is a combination of Russian and western music influences, while the subject matter is that of poetry in motion (Kisselgoff 1). Enthusiasm and warmth were the motivations behind writing the piece. In addition, sleeping beauty has been the second most popular ballet of imperial production and has been performed 200 times in 10 years. Art during the 18th and 19th century had no room for the female painter. During that period, professional recognition and art education remained unequal and separate to that of their male counterparts. It was not until the subsequent half of the 19th century that women artists made significant progress, especially in France and in turn, art schools opened up their doors to women. While in the United States women, artists gradually became noticeable by way of winning awards (new 1). They began to take part in exhibitions and started teaching. In addition, they also began to travel overseas while their works acted as conduits for printmaking, new styles of painting and photography. Tchaikovsky is one of the most treasured composers in history. A master artisan of orchestration and melody, his composition was astonishing and his musical styles ranged from concertos to ballet scores and symphonies, and he was able to write and portray detailed moods and feelings. His works were legendary. He surely was the greatest master of classical ballet. Tchaikovsky achieved huge popularity with a broad audience, mainly through his emotional works.