Teaching People About Other Cultures

This essay declares that teachers lack the cultural understanding of the immigrant students and hence fail to understand them in the classrooms. Furthermore, this children also face hardships whenever they are trying to become adopted in the learning system. This is majorly due to social mobility and financial constrains as most of them are undocumented students. Teachers on the other hand can face difficulties while trying to deal with a class of immigrant children. The children have a wide range of needs ranging from unique emotional needs to community conflicts. The best solution for such teachers is to utilize such immigrant students in the classrooms since they have much to offer in the learning community. This students push learning institutions to adopt innovative teaching and interacting strategies such as diverse communication skills.
This paper makes a conclusion that it is essential for most learning institutions to integrate various teaching models such as the cultural straddle model so as to assist students and teachers with problems in adopting cultural diversification. With this model, learning institutions will be able to equip teachers with the required ability to relate to the students and share a diversified ground. Cultural competency is advantageous to all institutions as it fosters interactions and team effort regardless of individual’s background. The cultural and racial competence is an important skill for teachers to adopt as it enhances teaching skills and thinking.