Telecommunications Industry in Zimbabwe

The telecommunications market in Zimbabwe and the world around us becoming increasingly consolidated, thus enabling the key players in the telecommunications industry to come out with products at a faster pace, so as to meet the demands of their customers and the trend of the market. The importance of investigating the relationship between project management maturity, business performance and project performance in the telecommunication industry in Zimbabwe cannot be overstated. A number of other studies have shown that the issue of what constitutes the most appropriate method of state policy restructuring as regards technological and industrial development is a matter of contention.&nbsp.Zimbabwe continues to open up its economy to market forces and as such more research and studies should be carried out about the country’s economic and political roles and also on the social implications of telecommunications reform and reforms in other sectors of the economy.
In a study carried out about contemporary south African telecommunications, the researchers noted that "while much has been written about general industrial development in that country, there is no real detailed study of any of its major industries." (Kaplan, 1990). It can be said that the same also holds in the case of Zimbabwe. This situation can lead to some critical deficiencies in understanding because most major economics development processes can only be discerned through such detailed studies.
It should be noted that there are very few if any publications about the telecommunications industry in Zimbabwe. Although one may find an occasional paper that discusses physical road and air transportation and communication or books about the postal history of the country, there hasn’t been any prior real interest in the Zimbabwean telecommunications sector, even though this sector continues to grow in importance. As such, literature on telecommunications in Zimbabwe has mostly been manifested in papers presented at various economic, business or investment conferences.
SWOT analysis:
3. Research problem statement and research objectives
This study investigates the ways in which efficient management techniques can be implemented in the Zimbabwean telecommunication industry, as well as investigating the manner in which project maturity, business performance and project performance relate to one another in the industry.
3.1. Problem statement
The major problems facing project maturity and performance in the telecommunications industry in Zimbabwe include inefficiency, lack of information and necessary analysis for explaining the prevailing conditions and this contributes to the blunting of proper assessment of the implications of reform in the telecommunications sector, in regard to continued social and economic development.