Analyse the indicators and possible causes of poor performance levels at the Cavendish Hall Hotel. Advise the HR manager how they can build an effective High-Performance Work System to address the performance issues you have identified.1. ANALYSE performance problems NOT describe e.g. Stuff. Use more evidence than tripadvisor report; e.g. general case study, information going into appraisal process; Milly and Joan case studies (300 words)2. ANALYSIS and EVALUATION of what are possible causes: discussion of these causes not always obvious – AMO, Pilbeam Corbridge e.g. training, illness, lack of information etc. (400 words)Hint: Don’t jump to conclusions, consider the possible alternatives e.g. use AMO or the Pilbeam and Corbridge Model to help you 3. HOW: More than describing!!! For High-Performance-Work-Systems locking elements together. What is in your BUNDLE? But do NOT describe what are the principles/concepts; broad description of bundles rather than individual practices; WHY bundle is important to the hotel (considering your CAUSES of PP). Also need MEASUREMENT practises/systems. (600 words) Hint: Is the literature clear on what should be included? What are you trying to achieve e.g. consider AMO and discretionary behaviour. Consider what bundles of policy and practices are used within the hotel sector and which of these might address the performance problems you have identified above. **Don’t forget a performance management system includes performance measurement practicesDON’T JUST DESCRIBE LOTS OF PRACTICES!4. How do you LINK everything up?; How is what you suggest different to what is done now?; think about horizontal & vertical integration via the golden thread / strategy; HR performance link – intended practices and perceived practices (600 words)Hint: Consider how this system approach might differ from the practices they currently have in place. Consider integration issues (golden thread?) and the role of leadership and line managers. Consider the importance of how employees PERCEIVE the practices. Consider the importance of fairness, trust and delivering on what is expected5. What obstacles to HPWS? Trust, contingent on LM (400 words)Hint: Discuss the limitations of the research on HPWS (do they work?) Consider the ‘Dark Side’ of HPWS and how this could be overcome. Consider implementation issues via the Line Manager.