Owing to the excessive dependence on global organizations, argumentative discourses causes further complexities as compared with other types of discourses, such as exposition, narration, or description. The techniques of indicating the theme and organizing the substantiation in both languages are presumed to be dissimilar and so are the organization and methods of expression. The present study, thus, aims at, offering types of argumentative structures and rhetorical linguistic strategies typical of English argumentative discourse and evaluates these groups with the Arabic editorial discourses which may be ethnically rooted within the Arabic cognitive systems. Such circumstances call for the development of studies which focus on widening the understanding of linguistic differences which persist in English and Arabic editorial texts with regard to argumentative structures and assist the readers in making accurate inferences from such texts. In this respect, the problem is more culturally driven rather than linguistic one, and could only be resolved through systematic and comprehensive studies, such as this, targeted at generating a greater awareness, about the differences in argumentative strategies employed by both the subjects, discussed in this paper. The main purpose of this study is to analyze and study the comparatively framework of argumentative strategies employed by English and Arabic editorials and examine and investigate how the manner in which such argumentative strategies could be used in English and Arabic.