Testing Usaability of Web Page

There is interaction between the user of a computer and computer as a machine that transmits information across when it is used by the user. It’s a kind of communion that takes place between the user and the computer with varying results. For instance the user uses the input devices to get message through in the form of what he has typed -email, chat or other stratagems at his disposal. Machine works to get the message across through variety of forms chosen by the user. Usability then refers to a system of teeming reality in which human and machine inter connect and communicate through in put and out put devices of the system which has been used . User interface is a way through which machine and human communicate a system.
The appropriate criterion of assessing usability is in the significance of the system that is used by all. For users usability is meaning full because it enables them to find out about how they performed tasks fruitfully or had problems in completing them. For a developer usability is the success or failure of the system… For management productivity of work force holds eminence because failure of a system means no profit. Interface Designers learn designer guidelines and designer principles to get feedback about the system they have constructed from the people who use it. Users
Designers, developers and management have standards by which usability can be assessed, and they have the right to pass verdict about what is proper and usable for them. . They have to make sure what are the standards by which a design has to satisfy public appeal and familiarity…
For constructing a web page goals have to be set that will determine specific strategies to assess usability in terms of success of a web page by its users. Length of site’s design construction, evaluation periods
Specific quantitative and qualitative measures of success are the foundations on which usability can germinate public appeal. Another way to assess it is to know what the audience wants to read on the site that will be successful by giving them the information they want. A well defined system can be constructed keeping in view needs and ideas of the users. Data base of existing, needed content will take into consideration content resources for making an out line for one’s needs for a web page design. Information can be organized for assessment. Horton, Lynch (2002) (Web style guide 2nd edition)
The content of the web page should meet the needs of the users to be assessed. Communication with the users of the webpage will be useful for fulfilling their demands of giving them proper service and things they want. Effective web page design contains both graphic images and text which makes the site enjoyable for the users. Web site organization, graphic design, and typography are useful for the users because they feel they are getting accurate information from the site. Logs for the web site can be analyzed for development of quantitative data for the site’s