Text (chapter 7)

of Recruiting, motivating and maintaining quality employees The success of a business is determined by the type of employees put at work in various sectors. Businesses that are successful have quality employees that are well motivated to achieve the targeted results. Employee competence is an important factor that needs close examination before recruitment. I have discussed the issues raised in Karen Collins’ book ‘exploring business’ with regard to the process of recruiting, motivating and maintaining quality employees in a business environment. As Karen argues, adequate qualification in an employee’s area of specialization should be the guiding principle informing their hiring. Relevant employees should be recruited in their relevant fields of expertise so as to ensure quality output from each employee. Besides, Karen has also maintained that constant motivation is the only sure way of maintaining employees of high quality. The quality of output by each employee, according to her is determined by the level of motivation from the management. Karen suggests a number of ways through which motivation can be conducted in order to achieve the required target. To mention, she highlights promotion, salary increments, positive appraisals such as commendations are among the key factors she considers integral in developing positive contribution from each employee. ConclusionTo conclude, the quality of employees maintained by a business enterprise determines its success over time and space. A highly competent team of employee with adequate motivation from the management promotes the performance of the organization. However, the role of determining the quality of employees for any business enterprise lies with the management. Besides, it is the sole responsibility of the management to ensure that their employees are constantly motivated to maintain a high-quality output. Work CitedKaren, C. (2014). Exploring Business. New York: John Wiley amp. sons.