Texting with shortcut

Texting with Shortcut Introduction The recent technological advancements have influenced communication in a great way. Textingwith shortcut is one of the modern styles of communication adopted by the new generation. Texting with shortcut derives diverse effects on our cultural and individual relationships. As such, there have been varied opinions on the effectiveness of texting with shortcut. The proponents of texting with shortcut quote the benefits of this style of communication. Indeed, people who agree with this idea state that it a convenient, quick, and easy language of communication among the new generation (The University of Alabama 2). Young individuals have developed various acronyms or shortcuts for the purpose of text messaging. They have a shortcut for almost even word in the English dictionary in order to use them in their text messages. For example: they use 143 in order to refer to the phrase I love you and they use the shortcut lol to refer to laugh out loud (Cennamo 258). They assert that the use of shortcuts, alternative words, and symbols is very convenient since it delivers relevant message in a brief and concise manner. Moreover, texting with shortcut enables users to convey their message without having to stop whatever they were doing. This allows the users to address other tasks and emergencies. The mobility of this idea equally enables users to communicate from any location with access to mobile phone signals. Texting with shortcut defines a unique identity adopted by the young generation for socialization purposes (Telegraph Media Group Limited 1). The availability of technological devices like smartphones has made it possible for the young and old to access and use texting with shortcut. As such, texting with shortcut has become the most prominent mode of communication between friends, colleagues, and family members. The proponents of this idea note claim that it has played an important role in restoring the significance of writing. Subject to its prominence and merits, some companies are using texting with shortcut for advertisements. Texting with shortcuts is a behavior that should be discouraged by teachers, parents as well as students because it disrupts the formal way of writing, it decreases a student’s ability to express themselves and even decreases the quality of communication that takes place between different individuals.BodyHowever, many people including me are against the idea of texting with shortcut especially among the young generation that are students. Despite the perceived benefits of texting with shortcut, opponents of this idea establish its adverse effects in our education system. These demerits emanate from texting while driving, distracting meetings, lack of improper communication, and reduced grammar, and writing skills (The University of Alabama 3). Personally, I am worried about the effects of texting with shortcut on the student’s ability to write and communicate in a formal way (The University of Alabama 3). I feel that this idea dilutes the users’ writing acumen. Indeed, researchers have established that texting with shortcut leads to serious grammar mistakes among the users as their standards of grammar and spelling falls. Moreover, they establish that this idea has adverse effects on general grammar and writing rules since it lead to reduced grammar scores (Telegraph Media Group Limited 1). This emanates from the fact that texting with shortcut features numerous grammatical errors. Subject to their continued use, most high school and college students are using texting with shortcut in their studies, which amounts to academic suicide. Indeed, tutors disregard the use of texting language in academics since it discredits students capacity to express them eloquently in writing (The University of Alabama 3). Moreover, students who use texting with shortcut are unable to apply words appropriately in context. Clearly, the grammatical errors derived from using texting with shortcut lead to reduced credibility and professionalism of any written work. Furthermore, the use of texting with shortcut entails the use of limited number of characters, which could have an overall effect of having lazy students. As such, texting with shortcut distorts the ability of the users to write and develop clear, credible, professional, and grammatically correct expressions.Furthermore, texting with shortcut influences the quality of our communication and social skills (The University of Alabama 1). This idea forces people to concentrate on messaging instead of speaking with other people. Indeed, this idea reduces personal and physical interactions as users rarely communicate face-to-face. Texting with shortcut denies the users an opportunity to experience the body language and facial expressions of other people. As such, this idea does not accommodate expressions, feelings, or thoughts of users. Through this idea, the society loses conversation etiquette, which distorts our communication skills. Texting with shortcut demeans personal conversations and removes the natural aspect of communication. The instant communication established by texting with shortcut may also force users to give incorrect and inadequate information (Telegraph Media Group Limited 1). In fact, texting with shortcut limits the chances of receiving or sending complete data. More so, it is always challenging to check the validity, completeness, and relevance of information presented through texting with shortcut since not everybody understands that language. As such, the fact that it is difficult to understand messages sent through texting with shortcut contributes to the inefficiency of the idea. Understanding texting with shortcut may consume most precious time. Indeed, only a specific group of people can use and understand texting with shortcut. As such, texting with shortcut discredits communication and social skills.Conclusion The phrase texting with shortcut refers to the use of acronyms by mobile phone users while they are involved in text message based conversation. Various benefits of this form of communication and language have been cited by the proponents. But the reality is that this form of communication is hurting individuals within the society instead of benefiting them. One of the main disadvantages of this form of communication is that it is disrupting formal way of writing. Students who use shortcuts while texting use the same short cuts in their educational institutes and end up making grammatical mistakes that are not welcomed within academics. Another issue with texting with shortcuts is that it is diminishing a student’s ability to express them. This is because when students are involved with the use of shortcuts while texting they fail to understand the usage of words in different contexts and they end up following the same practice in their educational life. Another issue with texting with shortcuts is that it is decreasing the quality of communication between different individuals. The quality of communication is higher when individuals talk to each other in a face to face manner. Texting with abbreviations is decreasing and replacing face to face communication and is leading to decline in the quality of communication.Works CitedCennamo, Katherine, John D Ross, and Peggy A Ertmer.Technology Integration For Meaningful Classroom Use. 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