The Advancement of Technologies in the Communication Field



A good case study to commence with will be our chemical process design group project. Through it, the description of what project management and planning is is revealed. Before the commencement of our project week, the inception of this project week was planned prior to our meetings which were organised with minutes and agendas being recorded concurrently. I was tasked with the role of being a chair of the design project since I was eloquent and fluent. With this, I was deemed to allow full participation and leadership in the project altogether. In order to meet project deadlines and also our groundwork, we used Gantt charts as well as some Microsoft programs. However, the major setback was the individual performances of project/group members in the assigned tasks. It was duly noted that the persona of each member played a critical role in project completion since some members were more involved than others. The result of this was a failure in the first part of the design project. With this, I examined each member’s advantage and disadvantage, including myself, by requesting them to come up with a SWOT analysis of themselves. This assisted me to adopt dissimilar management as well as leadership techniques for individual members. As a result, the majority of inactive members became more involved with the second part of the design strategy, and we successively achieved a positive result. In order to solve and analyse a situation at hand, it is a necessity to embrace teamwork. This will ensure a more positive end result.