The Aims Policies Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility of the Empire Pub Company

Similarly, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility statements are relatively short and present information that does not reflect whether the firm is actually taking steps to implement such initiatives or not.

The Empire Pub Company Plc is one of the leading companies in the UK offering quality food, local pubs as well as country pub services across the UK. The Company is also the largest managed estate in the country serving eight regions across the UK. However, despite being one of the leading Estates in the country, the overall ethical position of the firm is questioned due to its different practices and the strategic direction it has set for itself.

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are two important issues that need to be addressed by the firms in this current environment of competition. With the greater emphasis now being placed by the government as well as by consumers on the more responsible role of organizations, it, therefore, becomes imperative for the firms to respond to such challenges in a more appropriate manner.

This report will attempt to present an evaluation of the aims&amp. Policies, Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility as well as corporate social reporting of the Empire Pub Company. The overall aim of this report is to demonstrate the knowledge of various theories and practices on the above issues and apply them to the real-time analysis of the firms. This report will therefore after presenting a discussion on the above issues provide a recommendation as well as an overall evaluation of these issues.

The mission statement, as well as&nbsp.the operating strategy of the firm,&nbsp. indicates a lot about the overall orientation as well as the existing practices of the firm. The Mission Statement of the firm clearly reflects the firm may not be entirely focused on customers i.e. it lacks customer orientation as well as the value proposition for the shareholders of the firm.