The AMA Handbook of Business Letters

This means that I will cut the attendance time down to one day per week against the previous arrangement of five days.
For the projects in progress, I will be able to honor and complete my contractual obligation, and thereafter I would advise you to seek another engineering contractor who will continue to provide you with similar services.
I look forward to continuing working with your company.
Thank You
Referral letter
I am a professional surveyor who has been in the field for the past ten years and would like to take this opportunity to approve the services offered by this engineering firm. Located near junction 10 on the M50 ring road which gives easy access to the airport and all parts of Dublin city center, this organization is a cut above the rest.
This enterprise’ exemplary performance is pegged on the wide range of experience of its managers and even the subordinate staff. MB Consulting Engineers was set up on a strong foundation with knowledgeable leaders who have a wealth of experience from different aspects of management. Mr. James is the managing director with masters in building services engineering, boasting of over 15 years of experience that is backed up by immediate support of Mr. Alfred who also holds management and electrical services engineering postgraduate degree.
This firm enjoys an economy of scale and excellent work performance due to the elite class of its skilled manpower and standard projects completion. The company was started by Mr. James and Mr. Alfred and they have shown their accumulated experience through sustainable quality services in the building services industry.
I strongly believe in this engineering company which occupies a modern fully fitted office and is located near junction 10 on the M50 ring road, which gives easy access to the airport and all parts of Dublin city center.
Any co-operation will be highly appreciated. Thank you