The Analysis of the Theories of Prebles Art Forms

There are three theories that will be discussed as they come out clearly in the book. It is also important to highlight that chapter five of the book majorly deals with the evaluation of art. The three theories that are the points of focus, as well as attention in the book, are well discussed below: In this theory, the point that it focuses on so much and that it explains as well as envisages is the makeup and the constitution of the work of art. The theory tends to explain much on how the piece of art could have possibly having been affected in one way o the other by the earlier artisans in their creativity and artistic works. It, therefore, gives what made the piece of art be the way it is and why it was designed in the particular form that it is (Patrick 2009).
This theory as the name suggests is quite axiomatic and obvious that the theory is focusing on expression. Under this expression, it is to say that the expression is with the aim of worldwide marketing as well as publicity. It, therefore, deals with the expression of personality for the popularity and to make the piece of work well known to the whole world (Patrick 2010).
This theory focuses on the contemporary aspects of society. In the discussion, the theory discusses the various environmental issues that influence the works of art, the effect of culture (way of living) on art as well as the effect of the political state or the ruling class on art. It is also important to highlight that economic factors are also having a significant influence on the pieces of art (Suzzane 2010).
In the second part of the paper, the paper will delve so much on the one art that is designed and match very well the various theories that have been well discussed in the earlier parts of the paper.&nbsp. &nbsp.