The Artistic Genius Andy Warhol

The paper "The Artistic Genius Andy Warhol" focuses on Andy Warhol. As a small boy, Warhol was always obsessed with the looks. He would at times wear wigs to try and change his own looks with make ups on his face. This is a special attribute that would later help him in his career. Different people of the world distinguished Warhol’s work from the rest in the way he always tried to “make up” faces of the individuals he used in his art work.1 The sexuality helped shape his life. It is hard to understand who Andy Warhol personally was even though he was such an iconic figure in the American culture. there are so many things in his life that could not be easily substantiated. Who was he? Was he ever married? Why did he always want to be famous? He even wanted so much more than what life can basically give. He wanted to be famous, rich and beautiful.2 It is very hard for an individual to achieve all these things in life but Andy did everything he could to be what he always aspired to be and just like his personality, his art work is equally hard to interpret in terms of humor, irony or even beauty. It is like he portrayed his personality through the paintings. Some individuals even suggest that he used to ask his friends the things he should paint but after being fed with the information he would then ignore the suggestions and instead incorporate his own ideas. He always had his own ideas. This is quite a special attribute towards originality especially in the field of art and even music.