The Aspect of Asian Art and Architecture

The artistic impression employed in space utilization on the design and carvings done on the mosque of Mecca which is an attraction site is amazing. The role of art in society has not been evaluated or understood especially when the arts in question are ancient and considered backdated. Ancient art has never been my focus because of their nature, but the situation has changed significantly over the course of study. Art can only be appreciated relatively from an individual perspective (Hatt and Klonk 28). The influence and importance of art can be seen by their presentation of society. The ancient art can be appreciated when interest and urge to understand the past and their role in the society are evaluated. Several writings in the Arabic language have been employed in the development of artistic impressions that create a powerful artistic appearance (Kleiner, 2012). With the increasing space utilization and the need for information transfer, the work of art displayed in Mecca is a combination of both art and information transfer. The top part of the mosque contains the known shapes associated with the Islamic religion. The creation of peaks at the various edges of the mosque presents the level of artwork associated with the Arabic culture (Mubarakpuri amp. Mubārakfūrī, 2002). The Mosque combines culture and worship in a spectacular way without creating confusion. The success of the combination and blending of culture and art is vital in the creation of a powerful work of art. The space utilization of the mosque and the artwork employed merge well especially due to the significance of the mosque.Additionally, the mosque attracts a lot of tourists and religious members creating a need for space but also creates a serious challenge for the creation of art. The artwork employed in the mosque involves the utilization of the walls and floors for the artwork (Eaves, 1992).