The Attacks on September 11 in America



At around 8:46 am E.T there was a moment of silence for 17 minutes, they are the exact time when the airline’s flight 11 and airlines 175 were hijacked by nine men conspired in al-Qaeda plot which slammed twin towers. The retired police department of New York still remembers his wife and his fellow officers, the only female who died at the twin towers. She was on duty several kilometers away, when she heard a jet slammed into the world business center before she went to assist the south tower collapsed, and she killed. It is a reminder that menace still remains 10 years after thousands of people were killed, and four months after their leader were killed by the US special force. The article was from the CBC world news which reminds the Americans about a day they will live to remember. A trusted courier to bin Laden, who had been followed by the American spies, was finally located in a residential area 35 mile to the north of Pakistani capital. The property was so large and secure making US officials doubt whether it was built for just a courier. This was followed by eight months of serious intelligence works that lead to a helicopter assault that saw the death of bin Laden on a Sunday. American officials have it that he was shot in the head and that one of his sons died with him (Michael, 2007). This operation had been an American army highest priority operation. The CIA monitored the operations on a 12-foot-high mansion valued at $1 million with neither an internet connection nor a telephone line. The CIA believed that this building was specially built, in 2005, to hide bin, Laden. Mr. Obama holds various security meeting before the final plans were put in place. Obama‚Äôs administration officials said that one of the helicopters had a crushing land, but nobody got injured in that event. It was 3.50 Eastern Time when the president received news that bin Laden had been identified after a series of DNA tests.