The Basics of the National Stock Exchange Products



The NSE, India is the fully computerized, online trading system used in the WDM segment of the Exchange has changed the way of trading in the Indian securities market. The system has helped increase in trading speed, thus saving time. it has also managed to incorporate the critical aspect of security in its functioning. The members are connected from their respective offices at different locations to the main system at the NSE premises through a high-speed, efficient satellite telecommunications network. The trading system is an order-driven, automated order matching system, which does not reveal the identity of parties to an order or a trade. This helps orders whether large or small to be placed without the members being disadvantaged by disclosure of their identity. Orders are matched automatically by the computer keeping the system transparent, objective and fair. Where an order does not find a match it remains in the system and is displayed to the whole market, till a fresh order which matches, comes in or the earlier order is cancelled or modified. The trading system provides tremendous flexibility to the users in terms of the type of orders that can be placed on the system. Several time-related, price-related or volume-related conditions can easily be placed on an order. The trading system also provides complete online market information through various inquiry facilities. Detailed information on the total order depth in a security, the best buys and sells available in the market, the quantity traded in that security, the high, the low and last traded prices are available through the various market screens at all points of time.