The Benefits of Drinking Water

If calcium-rich water is drunk on a regular basis, such problems can be avoided. Thus, water is also a cheaper alternative of providing important minerals like calcium to our body that not only helps to strengthen our bones but reduces the risk of bone injuries. Calcium is an important mineral especially for children, athletes and women. The growing bodies of children require regular and adequate amounts of calcium. while athletes depend on their strong bones and muscles for better performance. Calcium-rich water serves dual purpose of providing adequate amounts of calcium and hydrating their bodies, which is essential for their health and performance. Women constantly need calcium to sustain their health and to cope well during all their biological phases like menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Calcium-rich water also lowers the risk of calcium deficiency in a natural way. Drinking water is a great gift of nature and it can be obtained from different sources. Common water varies considerably according to the source whence it is derived, and other circumstances. but all the varieties may be reduced under the three following heads: Rain water, Spring Water, River water. (Thomson, 1003) Whatever the source of drinking water may be, it is important that it should be clean, clear and free of any odor. Being an excellent solvent, water can absorb impurities and toxic substances if care is not taken. Rain water is considered to be the purest form of water as it contains huge amounts of oxygen which it absorbs from the air. … for medicinal purposes, we prefer rainwater, as what is naturally distilled by the sun… (Hoffmann, 17) This shows how important it is for the drinking water to be distilled. and if it is naturally distilled by the sun, it is deemed to be the purest form of water. Rain water also consists of Oxygen- an element on which life is heavily dependent on. Our bodies need oxygen not only for breathing purposes but for sustaining life in general. Oxygen is circulated throughout our bodies as each and every cell and organ of our body needs oxygen. Rain itself is the symbol of life as it nourishes everything on the face of earth. be it plants, human beings or animals. Rain water also fills the rivers with water and maintains water level underground. However, rain water might not be considered by many people to be fit for drinking on account of environmental pollution. as water being an excellent solvent absorbs all the impurities in the atmosphere and thus its quality as drinking water is doubtful. Spring water is an excellent natural source of water and the purity and freshness of spring water is unbeatable by any other type of water. Spring water gushes forth from the womb of the earth and being a direct source of water, it is free of any impurities or toxic substances. On the contrary, it might contain important minerals which are beneficial for our health. However, in urban areas, it is not possible to obtain water directly from this natural source. Even today, people are really fascinated by spring water and perhaps it is for this reason that resorts and spas have become so popular among tourists, who wish to taste nature by drinking directly from water springs. Tap and bottled water simply taste differently from spring water because they are either pumped or bottled