The Bomb Merchant

The upkeep of global stability and security is an essential part of the United Nations’ mission. Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) chemical, biological, nuclear, or radiological weapons that can bring harm to large figures of people and infrastructure have been at the forefront of worldwide security concerns since the advent of the UN. The production of viable nuclear weapons means of delivery threatens incalculable consequences for global stability and prosperity especially from countries, which part of the NPT possess important unsafe guarded nuclear activities. Countries such as India, Israel, and Pakistan are normally categorized as states that are not part of the NPT.
The growth of international terrorism has added a new dimension to an old problem, as global and regional tensions rise, technology improves, and security falters in critical areas, giving rise to an international black market for WMD.Dr. Khan, a metallurgist and the architect of the Pakistan bomb is considered the mastermind of the largest illicit nuclear proliferation network in history who had begun selling nuclear technology to Iran in the late 1980s. This signaled the opening of business for an enterprise that eventually spread to North Korea, Libya and beyond to date.