The Chain Management or Sourcing as the Most Researched Segments of the Modern Business

In order to maintain the desired level of profitability and the influence, formulation of strategy holds prime importance to any business organization. The strategy of the organization works in tandem with the vision and mission of the organization as it finds the way out through which the business should be carried forward in order to have the planned success. But the most important aspect in the discussion of the strategy of any business organization is that it not only requires planned formulation but also calls for proper implementation along with the understanding of the need for the right strategy at the right time. The phrase, ‘Sustainable Supply Chain Management’ is one of the widely used phrases in the business framework of today all across the globe. The prime motto of having sustainable supply chain management is to have reduced social costs of the organizations and to propagate environment friendliness as today’s aware world view sustainability as the ability that helps to pacify the requirements of the present without hampering the resources for the future generations. Though there are many initiatives that are undertaken by the business houses all over the world in order to implement sustainability like involving in to corporate social responsibility, going green, becoming carbon neutral or carbon positive and even methods like reducing the usage of plastic and taking active initiatives to plant trees but these factors are believed to be the outcome of the adopted agenda of sustainability.