The Challenges of Improving Educational Quality in Relation to One Country of Your Choice

As the essay stresses proper education is not only helpful in achieving success in life, but it is also supportive to overcome all the challenges in their life. Strong educational background of a country is recognised to be a proper indication towards the strong economic structure of that respective country, as it recognised to be one of the most important drivers of economic growth. It has been observed that the most of the developed countries are having a strong educational background, which ensures better development of the society as well as an economy.
According to the discussion findings the countries of Latin America have been recognised to witness essential expansion in educational coverage from the past two decades. It has been observed that after a revolution in the educational sector, a large number of countries belonging to Latin American region are considered to be a significant determinant of economic development. Though the countries of Latin America are experiencing educational transformation, but the government of these countries lacks in providing proper educational facilities to the several children. Therefore, due to improper educational facilities as well as unstructured schooling system, most of the children are withdrawing their name from the public schools. The educational revolution in Latin America has been identified to have vital impact over the development of the society of that respective country.