The Change Management Process

Some of these triggers might be privatization/nationalization, the demand for more value from the shareholders, restructuring, regulatory change, threat of takeover, increasing competition, etc (John P. Kotter).

In order to cut costs, it becomes necessary for organizations to layoff employees. The essay will also discuss the important role change agents play in the successful completion of change management activities in any firm. The essay will focus on the “cultural change “aspect and will recommend ways to bring about a cultural change.
There are 8 steps to transforming the organizations in case of change initiatives. The organizations should first establish a sense of urgency. This should be followed by powerful management who is able to guide the employees properly. A proper vision must be created for the change to take place (Thomas G. Cummings) (Ronald Inglehart). A very important aspect is communicating that vision to all the employees within the organization. Others must be empowered to act on that vision too. This will motivate the employees to work towards bringing in a successful change. It is very important for the organizations to celebrate the short term wins too, these small motivations for the employees have proved very useful in bringing in successful change. Also, the change management activities in any organization should be updated with time. This is because stagnancy is the biggest and the worst virus which can rust the organizations from their roots (Lawrence E. Harrison).

The Total Transformation Management Model must be followed in the process of change management. This&nbsp.model suggests that every change management activity must start with developing a vision for change (Doppelt). This should be followed by evaluation by the organization as to why they need to change and also, that whiter there the organization and its employees are ready to go through the hectic process of change (Sharma).&nbsp.