The commercial edge

The Commercial Edge The Commercial Edge Inc. requested to enter into a contract with the Pediatrics Place on 7th Avenue for a monthly landscape maintenance task. The contract would consist of trimming the lawn areas, removing clippings, weeding plant beds, herbicide applications and other additional services that would arise depending on the requirements of the owner or the landscape. The charges were also attached and the deal was to be accepted by the Pediatrics Place. However, it is not clear if the deal materialized because the Pediatrics did not respond to the proposal.
The Commercial Edge Inc. is an organization offering professional quality commercial landscaping on a contractual basis. The services are offered to commercial clients only, meaning those individual households do not qualify (Hughes n. p). This is because the company has vast experience of working with commercial firms and understands their requirements and professional impressions (Hughes n. p). The business also offers favorable rates to commercial clients who have the option of contracting them instead of employing full time laborers.
However, the potential problems are also present in this business, such as it is not easy to secure contracts with commercial clients. This arises because they prefer the full time gardeners to commercial landscapers because of the perceived charges attached. Another problem is that the professional landscaping is still not popular among the commercial clients (Hughes n. p). As a result, it requires publicity to inform the potential clients of the benefits associated with this new venture. It is also apparent that the domestic gardeners offer cheap services and do not have a contractual responsibility, making it a lucrative option.
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