The Complete Guide to Letting Property

The problems can also be solved when there is effective communication between the clients and the agent such that the problems can be raised and addressed appropriately without delay to make them satisfied with the quality of services offered. The problems could have been brought about by the issue that the clients had to reach the agents multiple times before their issues could be addressed.

The resolution to the problems would be done in a process that takes two steps. The local review is necessary where the solution will be done by addressing the complaint to the manager. When the resolution of the problems will not be achieved by the manager, the complaints can then be addressed to applicants for housing and the tenants who manage the public housing stock (Hodgkinson, 54). The compliments can also be addressed to the Rental assistant Program or other aids were the compliments will be handled through legislation. The complaints can be addressed to the stakeholders, partners, and suppliers who are concerned with the housing.

There can be formal review as the second step that one is able to take. This is the step that is always taken when one is not satisfied with the decisions that the manager may take to solve the complaints (Hodgkinson, 63). This will make the grants available since the clients are not getting the quality services that they need from the houses they occupy.

Q2.1 Steps taken in letting a house
Letting a house involves several decisions made from deciding the rental income that the tenants need to pay and the marketing effectively the house. The letting should also be able to comply with the laws of the country in which the letting is done. Letting returns is the first step needed in the letting. This will involve making a realistic rental income figure that will be affordable to the can be achieved by reducing the many costs that are related to the letting.
Helping in the preparation of the house for the tenants is the second step. This will involve giving advice on the lender and the insurance company on letting.