The concept of Fear as it Relates to Terrorism

The concept of fear as it relates to terrorism Question One: Terrorism is a systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. Terrorism instills fear to the victims, and this affects their normal lifestyles in that the people may move from their homes to live in places they think are secure (Doerner, 2012). This however, has not been the case with Shady Oaks city in the United States. There is therefore dire need to create awareness on the residents of Shady Oaks of possible terrorism so as to prepare them in case of any attacks. For any issue to be considered of importance in the society, it should be brought up to the residents. According to Sackin (2011), working with various people such as the mayor, the police, hospitals, highway patrol, fire department and the media is important. These departments should work with media houses to bring up the concern. This is a good approach as journalism is one way to raise awareness on social issues. However, in order not to instill fear to the residents, the departments involved must assure the residents of maximum protection. For instance, the fire department should respond to fire attacks immediately, hospitals should offer their immediate services. The government should take care of residents when attacks occur. This way, the residents of Shady Oaks will be prepared for possible attacks without fear. Residents will now be confident and will work with the various departments in discussing the concept of fear and how it is related to terrorism and how people should respond to fear. Question Two: It is important to approach the subject of terrorism with sensitivity. One should consider the fact that residents of Shady Oak city have always felt safe due to their historically safe community. The people are not prepared for terrorism or even catastrophic attacks (Sackin, 2011). Some of the residents living in Shady Oaks are elderly and disabled. People there live in peace and bringing up the issue may bring up conflicts in the city. Some residents may not want the issue of terrorism brought up in the community and therefore one should keep this in mind if objectives are to be accomplished. The issue should therefore be explained step by step in order not to provoke the residents. Question Three: According to Ratcliffe (2008), terrorism triggers fear. One of the major consequences of not approaching the subject of terrorism with sensitivity is fear to the residents. The residents may start moving from their homes as the may think that an attack is planned in their community. Another negative consequence of not being sensitive with the issue of terrorism is that the residents may as well ignore any important issue raised and in case of any attacks may be highly affected. This is because the vocabulary terrorism is not a part of their lives and may not consider it as a problem until when they are hit by one. Question Four: Considering the elderly and the disabled residents of Shady Oaks, one should consider some factors. For instance, it is important to take into account the fact that this group of people may require some special needs. These people need healthcare and rehabilitation, residential care and other important services to improve their lives. People with a disability are very sensitive and this may require additional services before the subject of terrorism is brought to their attention. It is also important to determine an appropriate approach to use so as not to instill irrational fear to this sensitive group of people as terrorism triggers fear (Ratcliffe, 2008). Question Four A: The issue of elderly and disabled people in Shady Oaks will affect the approach on the subject of terrorism. In most cases, disabled people feel that they are not part and parcel of the community. It is therefore important for them to be integrated in decision making and policy implementation to change this attitude. In discussing the subject of terrorism with the residents of Shady Oaks, those who cannot make it to the mass education venues should be visited at their specific homes, either residential or nursing homes. The issue should be discussed step by step considering their situation. Issues on how to respond to fear brought about by terrorism should be emphasized. Question Five: Ways of initiating communication a) Defining the people living in Shady Oaks b) Establishing why it is important to raise the issues of fear and terrorism c) Defining what should be done and the departments involved d) Highlighting the objectives to be achieved e) Establishing resources to achieve maximum communication Importance of preparing for terrorist attacks a) It helps in mitigating impacts where attacks cannot be stopped b) It also creates awareness on measures to take during attacks and how to respond to fear. c) It helps the society in general to have a broader knowledge on the subject of terrorism Question Six: a) Working with various people such as the mayor, the police, hospitals, highway patrol, fire department and the residents is essential (Sackin, 2011). b) Calling on public meetings (mass education) to discuss the issue of terrorism. c) In the cases of the elderly and the disabled residents, a house to house visits with representatives from all departments. Question Seven: Importance of door-to-door visits a) They consider the aged and the disabled. b) People get a clear understanding of the issues brought to them. c) Trust may be acquired especially when other representatives are involved. Disadvantages a) They may be tedious and time wasting especially when the population is big. Question Eight: Appropriateness of the approach a) It considers all residents in Shady oaks. b) It addresses the concepts of terrorism and fear. c) It addresses the issue of terrorism sensitively. References Doerner, W. G., Lab, S. P. (2012). Victimology. Amsterdam: Elsevier/AP. Sackin, J. (2011). Iglu. S.l.: Authorhouse Ratcliffe, J. (2008). Intelligence-led policing. London: Routledge.