The Concepts of Strategic Management

Considering the current market position and the current competitive environment, it is crucial to note that the same concepts will not prove to be as effective as it was earlier (Andrew, 1980).
The constant change that the company has been sustaining is one of the best attributes of the company and it is important to note, irrespective of the style that the company undertakes, there is major importance given to the value for money and the quality of the products (King, 2009). For instance, in the 20th century, the company was successful simply because of the understanding of the middle class as well as the concentration on quality and fair prices. Hence it is evident that the company pays major attention to the value for money that it provides.

2.2 Resources and Core Competencies:
The identifiable strategic resources of the company have been clearly listed in the case study. It is important to note that these form a major part of the strategic moves of the company. The physical and intangible resources along with the high levels of capabilities that the company currently possesses, clearly these have a very positive impact on the business and on the overall performance of the business (Rodgers, 2007).

Considering the core capabilities of the company it is evident that M&amp.S has been able to be successful in the markets as the company provides high quality, excellent value clothing, and home products along with a wide variety of outstanding quality food globally (M&amp.S, 2010). In short, as has clearly been explained by Peter Drucker the success of the company is based most importantly on the quality of the products and the overall services that the company provides.

2.3 Strategic Vision:
Mark and Spencer is a company that has been able to build its overall performance and product line over the years. The company has evidently provided excellent services and products for a number of years. In terms of the strategic vision of the company, it is evident that the company is focusing on setting high standards for the markets.