The Day My Baby Brother Was Born



We could not hide the excitement as we waited in the lobby where my brother and I had Cheetos for breakfast. All our minds could think of is the excitement that Hayden would bring to our lives. At this moment time seemed to be sluggish, so we turned to our Gameboy gadgets to keep us occupied and save us from anxiety. &nbsp.As we were in the lobby waiting our dad suddenly appeared and announced with his voice full of joy, “he’s here! Come meet your new little brother!” Even before he was through with the announcement we were already on our feet headed to the ward. I have never been able to describe the feeling that I had as I held Hayden Joe in my arms. This paper tells that maybe it is because it is a feeling that is yet to be discovered.&nbsp. As I held him I could not help noticing how tiny his nose. It was at this moment that it dawned me that I will have a chance of watching him as he grew up. I could not have imagined any better feeling than what I felt at that moment.