The Effect of Body Language on Oneself

According to the report&nbsp.nonverbal communication in the simplest of terms can be defined as the process of sending a message without the use of words. It involves the use of expression of the face, the gestures we make, the postures we take, the tone of our voices and the emotions attached to it, the kind of grooming we do, the clothing we dress in, and so on.&nbsp. It is important to note that the nonverbal cues one employs at times contains a message that is direct while at times the message is hidden, but all in all, these cues end up influencing the outcome of the verbal communication that we are making. It is possible to be saying one thing while our body language could be saying exactly the opposite of what we are saying.
This paper declares that& is a fact that cannot be disputed that our body language says a lot about ourselves. As human beings, we are interested in what the other persons’ body language says about them because it will basically determine how we are going to interact with them in both the short and the long run. While our nonverbal affect other peoples. how we judge them, and the outcome of the judgment, it is imperative to note that as humans, we are very much influenced by our own nonverbal especially the power dynamics aspect.&nbsp.Human beings have this inbuilt tendency to display their accomplishment. that is, pride. We all express pride in one way or another.&nbsp.